Committed to our community

Creating live theatre in Singapore is an expensive business and Pachyderm Theatre receives no public funding or (as yet) corporate sponsorship. 'Balancing the Books' is a constant struggle for us ... but we also know that our ticket prices are not affordable for everyone.

We believe that good theatre makes an immeasurable contribution to the well-being of the community we live in. And so, if you are a low-income theatre lover (or if you know someone who is), you will NEVER be turned away from our door.

Simply write to us at and ask for a free ticket. It's an honour system, so we won't ask any questions ... we will simply send you a free ticket with our love and best wishes. [And, if you want to, you can pay a small sum (whatever you can afford) via PayNow to our company bank account.]

Some people have asked us: "Are you not afraid that your generosity will be abused?"

No. We are not afraid. We believe that the world is (mostly) full of good people. And kindness and generosity are circular dimensions of life ... what goes around comes around. At Pachyderm, we are often on the 'receiving end' of kindness and generosity from others in our community.

So don't be shy. Reach out to us and make a new friend!

With love,

Susie & Sean xx


If you are a theatre-lover who can comfortably afford to buy tickets ... and if you also believe that everyone in our community should have affordable access to the arts ... write to us and kick-start a conversation about (small or big) ways in which you might help out.